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Posted on: August 1, 2020

Lemons to Lemonade
This is my favorite story of course correction. Imagine being born into a family of lawyers, but you bomb the LSAT. You have no business experience, you hate your cubicle job where you’ve been for 7 years, but you have a dream of one day inventing a product that you can sell. You invent the product, but you’re told it will never work. Some businessmen tell you, “business is war, hope you’re up for it” and it brings you to tears and leaves you thinking, “why, why does it have to be war?”

She’s now the youngest self-made female Billionaire! Her story inspires me and re-infuses me with hope every time I see it. It is a must-see interview by Reese Witherspoon on her Netflix original show titled, “Shine On” which is a fabulous show. Meet Sara Blakely owner, and patent holder of Spanx!

Real Estate Market
It is so very “extra 2020.”
I had clients tell me this week, “They say you marry who you would want to be in a fox hole with. You’re the broker we most want to be in this fox hole with, these are not normal times!” I’m so grateful to be able to give steady guidance in these “extra” times!

Inventory is still low and there is a backlog of buyers enjoying low interest rates and higher purchase power. One set of buyers I’m working with backed out at the last minute on offering on a single-family home that closed for $300,000.00 over asking price. Then they found a fully renovated perfect home in their preferred neighborhood and are in contract at asking price as the only offer.

Some sellers are hesitating to list because of fears related to the pandemic and some are listing because the seller’s market is so attractive. The advice I’m giving sellers has not changed, list when your life choices would most benefit by a move. Advice I’m giving buyers, “do not chase this market” take your time and don’t get caught up in the frenzy. Choose the home that is right for you when you see it. Do not compromise, be patient. This is an excellent time to buy and sell.

Planet Passion
PVA wrapped plastic laundry and dishwasher soap pods do not fully biodegrade, potentially resulting in 60-82% of intact plastic particles released into our oceans, rivers, canals, and end up in our food chain.

Save money, save the planet, and learn more from Blueland. “PVA is now considered to be one of the most ubiquitous pollutants in present day wastewater. PVA has the potential to absorb dangerous chemicals or contaminants, antibiotics, or heavy metals at high concentrations and then propagate up the food chains.” Charles Rolsky, Director of Science North America, for Plastic Oceans International.


We usually have “Sci-fi September” and “Scare-tober” in our house but decided to move our viewing of vintage black and white (50’-60’s) sci-fi movies to summer. We’re calling it “summer survival sci-fi season” and it’s providing the respite from the news of the world that we crave.

A few favorite titles: The Day the Earth Stood Still, It Came From Outer Space, Earth vs. The Flying Saucers, Forbidden Planet & Invisible Invaders.

By shopping here on Bookshop.org with our logo in the corner, you're supporting a neighborhood bookstore in a time when local independent retailers need all the help we can get. They receive a (very good!) commission on each sale, and you get a 10% discount on most titles… Support a vibrant independent bookstore culture, please bookmark this page to use anytime you buy books online! This is a great help to local businesses, and for the moment this is the only way they can fulfill special orders at places like Pegasus Book Exchange.

What to do from The Seattle Times, when ordering takeout, I start with, "Are your containers recyclable?"

With so much time spent at home, many of us are doing little or big makeovers. Here's a list of the best furniture stores and home decor.

If you're ready to bust out of the house/condo, how about a tree house for the weekend?

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