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Posted on: June 22, 2021

Written by   –  Reporter, Puget Sound Business Journal
Large box stores impacted by e-commerce had begun to sit empty but once the pandemic hit, there were even more. Enter Joel Tallman, CEO of MUV Brands, who saw the opportunity to fill the cavernous space with fitness centers and he plans to open about a dozen more gyms, between 32,000 square feet and 70,000-plus square feet, around the Seattle region.
The Puget Sound Business Journal recently sat down with Joel Tallman to explore why this expansion feels more like returning home by reading a portion of the interview below:

"Was MUV in the Puget Sound region before? No. When I created MUV Fitness, there was actually a partnership of five of us: two of us in Edmonds, one in Sammamish and one in Tacoma and another partner in South Carolina. I had run two organizations here, Valley Total Fitness, for years. Even before that, I ran Pacific West Sport and Racquet Club, and we sold to Valley. Then I was the senior manager here for Valley, and ultimately ran Gold’s Gym International. I had many, many franchise locations as well as some personally owned locations up here under the Gold’s Gym brand. We did have some non-compete, so we abandoned this marketplace until that non-compete ran out. Now we’re back.

What are your expansion plans for the Puget Sound region? This is where our hearts are. We love doing business around the world. I’ve done business in many different areas and internationally, but the Puget Sound area is home to us. We see anywhere from 10 to 20 additional facilities would certainly be part of our discussion right now. We have multiple locations right now that we are currently working on in terms of that expansion. This will probably be the most concentrated area.


What are you looking for when you’re hunting for real estate? That’s one of the positives with Covid. Even pre-Covid, there was the large, big box retailers that were starting to have challenges because of e-commerce. Those big box stores are much more available now in our environment than they were before because of e-commerce. The MUV Fitness brand typically has a very large space. Our smallest club, I think, is 32,000 square feet, and our largest is about 70,000 square feet. So, they’re very large full-amenity health clubs. They’re a $5 million to $15 million investment depending on the structure."

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