Planet Passion September 2020

Posted on: September 30, 2020

Whether its nitrile gloves, balloons on cars for drive-by celebrations, or mountains of takeout containers, this pandemic has been tough on the planet. There are still easy, affordable things we can do to offset the extra load of non-recyclable material in use.

  • The change from plastic pods of detergent that put plastic into our waterways with Blueland laundry and dishwasher tabs in beautifully attractive containers is cheaper and an excellent clean.
  • I’ve used decomposable garbage bags made from plants for years now and can report absolutely no difference in performance from plastic ones. I like 'Hippo Sak' is made from plants, are super strong with extra-wide handles, and are leak proof that I order from Amazon.
  • We’re big fans of Uncle Harry’s natural toothpaste that comes in a glass jar and is naturally antiseptic. Bonus: it’s made in Redmond Washington so if you’ve committed to “buy local” this is terrific toothpaste in a recyclable glass container!
  • We consider ourselves persnickety when it comes to flossing. I wanted a planet-friendly container version and have loved Bambo silk floss in a small glass container. Refills come by the pair in completely recyclable paper.

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