Seattle's International District Continues Historic Significance with Affordable Condominium

Posted on: April 1, 2019

Real Estate Insider If you’ve never visited the Wing Luke museum in the International District (ID) of Seattle, I recommend it highly. Sign up for a tour of the ID and you’ll be amazed at the rich history. When Seattle was just getting started, many immigrants (like those that populated the ID) weren’t allowed to own property, but they could own businesses. Therefore, there are few homes, but many businesses located there. Our beloved Uwajimaya grocery store owned a piece of land that many people tried to buy over the years. Recently, the Uwajimaya family sold to a developer that convinced them they would build housing that was affordable and with great reverence to the historic neighborhood. The KODA condominium project broke ground this week. Look at what an incredible deal you can get right in our city, in a neighborhood rich in culture, restaurants, and shopping.

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