Summit 2019

Posted on: October 23, 2019

GeekWire Summit Event

Summit 2019, photo courtesy of GeekWire

Your warrior attended this two-day jam-packed event and took away some interesting tidbits. My favorite speakers: 

Steve Ballmer who shared some fascinating statistics, coming back to education for a moment: Since 1980 spending per student has increased 37%, class size is smaller, and still only 1 in 3 eighth graders are proficient in math and reading. From a business standpoint, investing in early childhood education is a good idea. 

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Dr. Leroy Hood, National Medal of Science winner that talked about leading the teams that developed the deoxyribonucleic acid gene sequencer and synthesizer that paved the way for mapping the human genome. As a study participant he learned which vitamins and nutrients he was missing and how to adjust his diet and exercise that literally rolled back his biological age by 15 years. 

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Other items of note at the summit:

  • Loopie Laundry: an app/flat rate picks up a supplied duffel of your dirty clothes at your door, delivered clean and folded and back to your door with 24 hours.
  • The Riveter: Office space that is all inclusive, run by women and focusing on offering diverse, equal, inclusive leadership and professional development, health and wellness.
  • Lots of discussion about Artificial intelligence. Microsoft president Brad Smith says, we must have a kill switch that humans can flip when it comes to artificial intelligence, specifically referencing the auto pilot on the Boeing 777 Max.
  • Facial recognition technology: “I imagine Google has more information about you than the Seattle Police Department ever will. We want to make sure that whatever technology we’re using, that we’re not abusing it in any way.” — Carmen Best, chief of the Seattle Police Department

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