Vegetarian Drive-Thru Coming to the Eastside

Posted on: June 22, 2021

A Northern California-based organic drive-thru, Amy's, is seeking its first Puget Sound location on the eastside. Currently operating three locations near San Francisco, this vegetarian drive-thru is ready to make their move and find a place in our region to call home. 

“Since starting the drive-thru five years ago, we’ve had a lot of Seattle friends and consumers ask us for a local location, so we’re ready to answer the call," Andy Berliner, Amy’s Drive-Thru founder, said in an announcement. "Now it’s just about finding the right place to call home.” 

Not only are they serving delicious bites, but everything on their menu is free of GMOs and will likely resonate with local residents who crave quality food on the go. 

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