Downtown Seattle

Welcome to Downtown Seattle

Seattle, named after American Indian Chief Stealth, is comprised of many smaller neighborhoods that make up the downtown area, each with its own personality and character. Originally settled in by Euro-Americans in 1852 in historic Pioneer Square, lumber, gold prospecting, and maritime trade began the growth of our city until a fire in 1889 wiped it out. Characteristic of Seattle, it was rebuilt, and the growth continued. Today there is an area in Pioneer Square called “the Burnt District” proudly reminding us of our history and resilience. Whether you’re exploring the International district, Belltown, Capitol hill, the shopping or business district it’s understandable why 10% of the population of Seattle lives in this diverse area. The heart of this city is flanked by Puget Sound and nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain range, making this quintessentially scenic Pacific Northwest.

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My clients are at the heart of everything I do, My method informs, tracks and monitors clients from the first handshake and beyond to many years later. I wrap them in a blanket of security and knowledge that allows them to successfully make informed decisions throughout the entire process.