Welcome to Fremont

This bohemian neighborhood is all the rage for those seeking an arty eclectic lifestyle. The 19-acre Gas Works park, originally Seattle Light Gas company’s gasification plant is a strong draw on a sunny day nestled along the North shore of Lake Union. Quirky statues, shopping, and avant-garde restaurants are all part of this growing neighborhood that is slowly becoming joined to its Ballard neighbor, creating what locals call “Frelard”. Here you can hop on the canal side of the 27-mile Burke-Gilman trail and enjoy biking or strolling along this well-liked area popular to techies and natives alike.  

Work With Melody

My clients are at the heart of everything I do, My method informs, tracks and monitors clients from the first handshake and beyond to many years later. I wrap them in a blanket of security and knowledge that allows them to successfully make informed decisions throughout the entire process.