West Seattle

Welcome to West Seattle

West Seattle has a tangible strength in its tight knit communities, built over generations supporting each other and building neighborhoods that liken back to life in the 50’s. The junction area lives like a nostalgic movie set with quirky shops and welcoming restaurants and is worthy of time spent strolling the sidewalks and exploring. There is a proud distinction of being unique, fiercely independent, and free from the rest of Seattle. While access via ferries and the land bridge were fought for, the inevitable changes are bittersweet to some. To newcomers, it is the much sought-after respite they seek in an ideal suburban neighborhood that is a quick commute into downtown. 

In many ways an understanding West Seattle today can be gleaned by a quick look back at its beginning. Just three miles from downtown, it was rejected within a few months by the first Euro-American settlers that landed on Alki in 1851that chose to cross Elliott Bay for Pioneer Square. Being isolated on three sides by water gives it all the beauty that the Puget Sound and clear views of the Olympics affords. 

With over 20 parks, many nestled along the water, there are ample places to play outdoors. Lincoln Park, which houses Colman pool is comprised of 135 acres of old growth trees and breath-taking views from the trails that hug the coastline. You will not find a better source for all that is West Seattle that the prolific West Seattle Blog.

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